We are planning for a more lively new year, and we're seeing the shows slowly but surely lining up for January and February. Please join us at the Whistler on January 8th with the Color Card!Also we finally have the new album completely finished and mastered! I will post a new track at our bandcamp along with reloading the old ones with their new mastered version after this post! Best wishes to all over the holidays, and we look forward to posting a lot more in the new year.


Whistler Sunday 01-08-12
10pm Free Show
Grandeurs + Color Card

Panchos Friday 01-27-12
Grandeurs + The Single Man Affair

Album Track List/Postings:

1. Heavy Country
2. Wakes of Earth
3. Sleep Debt
4. Layer Under
5. Forest & Field
6. Waviness
7. Latecomer