Laziness and much to post.

So we never got around to updating our blog about the official digital release of our new album. If you're just now being informed of the albums availability please check it out on iTunes, or our Bandcamp. Thanks to everyone that has already showed their support, and has purchased our self-titled release. Also if you have a moment go to our new Facebook, and hit the like button!!


March 16th - Coles Bar - CHICAGO, IL
March 28th - Empty Bottle - CHICAGO, IL
April 13th - Beloit College - BELOIT, WI
April 14th - Treasure Town - CHICAGO, IL

-Winter Cabin Trip

Recently we found ourselves ready to escape this big city, and pushed ourselves to get a good chunk of time off with our respective work places. We ended up spending a solid four days at the Whiteley family cabin out in Union Pier, Mi. There is not really any time I can compare the effects this trip had when we first drove into the snow covered town, pulled up to the lake front cabin, heard nothing but Lake Michigan, and could see every star in the sky. Union Pier is a big vacation town, and being there in the winter was surreal. The place made us feel like we were the only people in the world, and was a great contrast to our daily living in Chicago. So I'd like to share some pictures, and encourage all big city dwellers to vacation in seclusion.