July 17th, 2012

The sickly heat that the summer has spilled on us like our drunk aunt's drink at fourth of July (except that drink is 105 degrees) has given us a dizzily prodigious need to write and record. That's exactly what we're going to do. Our show at the Whistler was filled with the inspiring scene of rosy cheeks and mixed drinks. We thank all of you who braved the late bill to make it out and make it our best show to date. It was so much fun that we'll be taking a break from performing live to write and record new music over the next month or two. So start saving those pennies your significant other flings at your precious cat, apply named Prometheus (he's always stealing your lighter just when you need that three A.M cigarette after a heart wrenching loss in a heated game of Risk), so that you can come see us a month down the road and hopefully enjoy some of our newest music. The members of Grandeurs, Trent, Corban, Aj, and myself are beginning a new way with the band. Not so much a change in style or sound, although evolution within a group is natural of course, instead we are beginning a more involved and serious endeavor with our music and the band itself. It's an extremely exciting time and we appreciate all of your support. Marriage may be in the future for us if Illinois changes its stance on polygamy, fingers crossed! Stay tuned for more updates, random writings, ridiculous drunken drivel, and most importantly new tunes.